Professional Organizers

House Organized was founded by two sisters and Southern California natives, Cris and Marisa, AKA Super Organized Sisters, now Professional Organizers. With over 20 years of experience, together they organize and transform spaces with a unique and personalized style tailored for each of their clients.

“As a busy mom, homeowner, and former vice president of marketing at a Fortune 500 company, I’ve been organizing chaos for 25 years! It’s second nature to sort through the disorder and build a plan that exceeds the customer’s expectations.” Cris

“I was a project manager for 15 years and manage every task with meticulous attention to detail. Being a busy mom and homeowner too, requires it! Be assured everything I do is approached with the same level of precision and attentiveness.” Marisa

Super Organized Sisters, Marisa and Cris

Organizing is our forte –
it’s in our DNA!

We decided it was time to share our gift by putting our passion to work for you. Your projects give us an adrenaline rush… what can we say?! Our mission is to utilize our talents to help others achieve the goal of living more joyous and stress-free lives. We enjoy working with clients and sharing our vision to bring order, function and beauty to your home and your family too! Contact us today for our professional organizers consult!

Let’s begin your transformation to…

House Organized!

Fun Facts about Your Professional Organizers:


Status: Married to J.B.

Kids: 2 boys – Alexander and Christian. Both in college…yikes!

Sibling Order: Oldest of 4. I’m Big Sis

Alma Mater: Whittier College

Places Lived: Spain, Venezuela, Dallas

Home: California

Pet Peeve: Unfolded clothes

Obsession: Ironed clothes. I am getting a little more lax about this – well, just a little bit

Easy Pleasure: A glass of wine, Red Vines licorice


Status: Married to Mitch

Kids: 2 girls – Marisela and Micaela. Grammar school age…younglings!

Sibling Order: Youngest of 4. I’m Lil Sis

Alma Mater: Boston University

Places Lived: Spain, Boston

Home: California

Pet Peeve: When my husband and girls don’t put things back in their place!

Obsession: Jazzercise

Easy Pleasure: Handel’s ice cream shop, and I have to admit – shoe shopping