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July 8, 2020

Sweaters: Folding vs Hanging

We invest a good amount of money in our sweaters, especially if they are made of cashmere or silk. Even if they are not, caring for these cold weather staples is essential to ensuring their longevity.

Whether your sweaters are cashmere, wool, cotton, knit, or synthetic, there are some rules of thumb to use when storing and keeping care of them. A commonly asked question is, “Should I fold or hang my sweaters?” This is such an important question!

Many suggest hanging your sweaters is an absolute no-no and stand firm on only folding them in order to preserve their shape. The belief is that hanging them will stretch out your sweaters and cause shoulder dimples. This is definitely a possibility if you do not use the proper techniques.

We believe that either way works, folding or hanging, as long as you follow some important guiding principles for each method. It really is a matter of your personal preference and the amount of storage or closet space you have. Even where you live can be an important factor for some. For example, if you live in a place that is cold for several months out of the year, then sweaters are an important part of your wardrobe and should be easily accessible for you.

No matter the technique, organizing and storing your sweaters properly will keep them in good condition and give you a great return on your investment!

Here are Our Guiding Principles for Each Method:



  • Use our folding technique for your sweaters. View our Folding Series Highlights on Instagram @HouseOrganizedCo for details, or on YouTube at House Organized. Utilize our same technique shown for folding blouses, either Option 1 or Option 2, for your sweaters.
  • If you are storing them in drawers, make sure the drawers are specifically dedicated to your sweaters.
  • Organize them by color or by sweater type so when you are ready to wear them, they are easy to identify and select.
  • For additional organizing and care, you may want to use a fabric drawer container to store your sweaters. This always adds a touch of design and sophistication to your storage.
  • Make the place you store your sweaters even more special by adding a scented drawer liner. It creates a pretty look and will smell fabulous!
  • Preserve your sweaters by placing a pouch of fresh lavender or a cedar block in each drawer. This will keep nasty moths from damaging your sweaters.
  • Folded sweaters can also be stored on shelves in your closet. If your preference is to place them on shelves, you can still use a fabric drawer organizer to increase the care and storage of your sweaters and enhance your closet appearance.
  • Utilize closet shelf dividers on larger or longer shelving for smart sweater organization. These come in many styles… clear, metal, plastic, etc., so select something that showcases your personal taste!


  • The most important thing to do if you decide to hang your sweaters is to use good hangers. It is worth spending a few extra dollars to get the right type of hanger to hold your sweaters.
  • Cloth or fabric hangers are the best. This will prevent them from slipping off when you hang them.
  • There are a several options for non-slip hangers, so chose the color and type that fits your aesthetic style.
  • To hang your sweater, you will first want to do a simple sleeve fold. Lay your sweater flat, then fold each sleeve in from the shoulder to the center. This fold will create somewhat of a triangle. Next, place the sweater over the horizontal part of the hanger and center it. All set! Repeat this process for the rest of your sweaters.
  • Preserve your sweaters by hanging a pouch of fresh lavender on a hanger. If you have lots of sweaters, scatter a few pouches between them. As we stated before, this will keep nasty moths from damaging your sweaters.
  • Do not crowd your sweaters in the closet. Providing a little bit of space between each sweater will ensure they lay straight, will not wrinkle, and can breathe.

Following these methods will ensure your sweaters are safely and neatly stored, preserved, and organized.

Mission Accomplished. House Organized.


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